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Was the real pretext for invading Afghanistan the reopening of the opium fields? The Taliban banned opium production in Afghanistan in the months immediately prior to 9-11.

It's a popularly held view that police corruption is a comparative rarity, yet there are reports which strongly suggest it is endemic in the UK police force.

According to the NSA whistleblower, the UK's GCHQ is able to manipulate the internet according to its own ends. But do such capabilities go beyond what is really necessary in the tracking of potential terrorists? 


The defence industry can generate huge profits for its investors but can this sometimes create a conflict of interest when it comes to deciding if a nation should go to war?

Claims of electronic harassment sound a little crazy at first but if you take a closer look there is some very real science behind it and it's far from just a myth.

Why should such a controversial case be apparently mirror imaged in celluloid by a film from more than three decades earlier? There are a number of stunning similarities between the Amanda Knox case and the 1973 film "Torso".

It's not unknown even for military personnel to take advantage of their position of trust and to steal government money. But how common exactly is the problem?

Beyond their immediate fun and fashionable image nightclubs can have a darker, more sinister side that involves drug gangs and crime.

The armour piercing characteristics of depleted uranium can win wars but the price paid is the radiological contamination affecting both the troops and the environment alike.

The Greek system at U.S. universities and colleges is very much modelled on Freemasonry, but are the humiliating hazing rituals really an acceptable practice?

They give the elected government in Westminster huge executive powers which are almost entirely unnaccountable to Parliament as a whole. But should the Royal Prerogative powers be a thing of the past?

Knox's lawyers have always maintained that Rudy Guede had acted alone but why had the authorities been so lax in taking action against Guede for his previous petty crimes?

A number of models over the years have come forward to allege sexual exploitation within the fashion industry. This article looks at a number of those claims.

The Islamic State, previously known as ISIS, is an outgrowth of the Syrian civil war. But who ultimately funded and armed these Islamist extremists?

Officially it has been called a civil war but was it not really just a deliberate NATO action to topple Gaddafi? And had the U.S. inadvertently sponsored Islamist extremism in the process?

Video evidence suggests deliberate vote rigging took place in the Scottish referendum. But why hasn't the matter been properly investigated and a complete revote ordered?

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